Artistic Expression Promotes Healing and Recovery at ArtMakers Place

January 16, 2020
ArtMakers Place Photo

For many individuals with a serious mental illness, creating art allows them to express a part of themselves that cannot always be put into words. At ArtMakers’ Place, Wyandot Center staff work with people individually and in groups to help them create these visual expressions and, in the process, discover the transformative power or art.

ArtMakers’ works with diverse communities that are often overlooked, offering programming designed to reach immigrant communities, the LGBTQ population and other individuals and groups who are too often underrepresented in the community.

The art therapy used at ArtMakers’ Place enhances traditional treatment efforts and provides people a space that is safe, private, and calming. Just as important, ArtMakers’ is a place where people can create beautiful pieces that inspire, engage, and heal.