Why Give?

As Wyandotte County's community mental health center, Wyandot Center provides a comprehensive list of behavioral health services available to adult residents of Wyandotte County. Many health care providers are unable to provide the breadth and quality of behavioral health services that we do, particulary to vulnerable populations and those that are uninsured and underinsured. Wyandot Center offers services at a reduced fee or at no cost, based on qualifications, and never refuses crisis services for any individual. 

Wyandot Center Impact By the Numbers

Wyandot Center's community impact over just one year: 

  • 4,744 total individuals served (non-crisis services)
  • 5,000 people served in Crisis Clinic
  • 772 contacts with Crisis Intervention Co-Responder (Kansas City, KS Police Department)
  • 75 Crisis Incident Stress Management Debriefings provided after critical incidents